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FAQ for KD900
Source:     Time:2014-05-14

Q: Does KD900 work with tokens?

A: Yes, it works with tokens, each machine comes with 1000 tokens inside, after running out you can recharge.


Q: What’s the price for the tokens?

A: USD200/1000tokens that means 1 token = USD0.2


Q: How many tokens does it use to create a remote

A: Generally create a remote will cost 5 tokens, but a few kinds remotes will cost 20 or 50 tokens.


Q: What’s the differences between “SIMULATE REMOTE” to “MAKE REMOTE”

A: SIMULATE REMOTE is a function creat remote to check whether the remote is work well or not, it won’t cost any tokens , but the remote can only use 50 times.

MAKE REMOTE is generate a new remote , will cost tokens and can use all the time!

Note: Program the remote to car after simulating it, if work well, generate it, then it will work well, don’t need to program again.


Q: How to recharge?

A: Please see the video on Youtube:



Q: How to update on line?

A: Please see the video on Youtube:



Q: Does KD900 can buy from online shop? Such as Aliexpress?

A: We don’t sell KD900 online, if you want to buy reliable products and gain more technical support ,please contact with local dealer , if there’s no dealer in your country ,please contact us directly.



Q: What cars are the KD900 support?(Support list)

A: Now our KD900 can generate more then 100 kinds of remotes, and more and more remotes are being added. Please contact us for more informations.



Q: What’s the differences for the remotes?

AWe have 3 series remotes at present/We now have 3 series remotes, B series for Auto use, D Series for Garage, F series for Auto & Garage in one,

B series only has 10 types at present , all the types can work for different frequency remotes, they are only different on shape.

D series has 2 types at present.

F series only has 1 type at present, can generate remote work for auto & garage.


Q: Does KD900 only work with KEYDIY remote? It’s necessary to use the blades KEYDIY  provide?

A: KD900 only work with our remotes, our remotes work for hundreds of car remotes.

You’d better use our blade, so it’s can perfect match on the connection, our blades are special designed for our remotes, if you use original blades, the joint may not work perfectly.


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